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Mesaj icon Konu: Wondershare DemoCreator Portable Yanıt Yaz Yeni Konu Gönder
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Kayıt Tarihi: 18-01-2008
Üye Numarası : 1703
Mesajlar: 3327
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Rep: 2243

Alıntı invertor Cevaplabullet Konu: Wondershare DemoCreator Portable
    Gönderim Zamanı: 19-02-2010 Saat 10:23
Wondershare DemoCreator Portable | 27.1 Mb

Wondershare DemoCreator creates interactive presentations, software simulations, tutorials and product demonstrations with only few clicks. It automatically takes screen snapshots of a running application to record your on-screen actions, which is one of the easy yet effective ways to efficiently communicate with audience, students or clients. Only by a few clicks, DemoCreator can automatically record on-screen actions to visualize your ideas and creativity. It is so easy to use that even beginners can build their own interactive projects without any learning curve.
DemoCreator works by taking a series of editable screenshots of a running application. Each screenshot taken by DemoCreator is called as a Slide which then can be edited to explain your actions more clearly.
After recording the actions you take on an application, you may want to add annotations, explanations and events to your demo enhance it. Besides, you are allowed to manipulating the time sequencing for Slides and visual aids with Timeline Editor.

Record on-screen actions with various capture modes.
• Capture by application: record actions takes on a specific running application.
• Capture by custom region: record actions taken in a specific region you draw.
• Full screen capture: record everything on the entire screen.
• Not only record visual actions but also the sounds on computer.
• Generate annotations and mouse click animations automatically.

Edit movies with interactive elements and useful tools
Wondershare DemoCreator provides wide range of objects and interactive elements to visualize your ideas and creativities.
• Use callouts to explicate actions; add buttons to activate presentation; insert images to clarify learning.
• Automatically calculate the element's size to fit to text on it.
• Manage slides easily and efficiently with multiple-timeline editor.
• Record or import narrations to explicate your demonstrations.
• Customize demos with various properties, such as scene dimension, output quality, actions at the end of the demo and so on.

Publish to comprehensive formats for sharing
• Export a certain frame as an image.
• For web, to present your product demonstration and tutorial on the Internet.
• For LMS, to deploy your tutorial and interactive presentations through LMS. DemoCreator is conformant for SCORM 1.2/2004 and AICC in a high level.
• For CD, to store your production on CD and share with your friends.
• For e-mail, since flash movies dramatically reduce the size, you can even e-mail it to your tutors or students.

Full Feature List


  • Record actions taken on a specific application.
  • Record actions taken on a custom region.
  • Record actions taken on the entire screen.
  • Record mouse movements and clicks, keystrokes.
  • Record narrations by microphone.
  • Record sound on computer.
  • Step through the recording process with the aid of a Recording Guide.
  • Stop recording with hotkey.
  • Add screenshots before or after a specific slide.
  • Generate annotations and highlights automatically while recording.

Edit and Enhance
  • Add and edit interactive elements
    • Zoom and pan effect to show specific details(New!)
    • Add sounds (WAV, MP3).
    • Add still images (BMP, JPG, PNG, ICO, EMF, WMF).
    • Add animated images (GIF)
    • Zoom in/out on the timeline to edit with slide-by-slide precision.
    • Preview changes in real-time.
    • Auto-calculate size of elements to fit the length of text.
    • Change name of a certain element.
    • Add callout to annotate.
    • Add shape to highlight or mark.
    • Add text to make notes.
    • Add button to interact with audience.
    • Show or hide mouse cursor.
    • Add edit entry to simulate typing.
    • Set line appearance of elements (properties allowed to change: style, color, transparency, thickness).
    • Fill elements in different ways (solid fill, gradient fill, fill with picture).
    • Set shape of elements (visible, color, offsets).
    • Add text to elements (properties allowed to change: font, color, style, size, alignments).
    • Set actions when click button (do nothing, continue, go to slide, go to URL, close movie, E-mail).
    • Preview current slide.
    • Preview from current slide.
    • Preview current demo.

  • Add, Edit Audio
    • Narrate an entire timeline.
    • Use microphone to record new narration.
    • Organize audio clips' time sequence with audio editor.
    • Record and/or edit audio for a single picture to make photo album show.

  • Add Emphasis
    • Add Hot Spots (invisible buttons) to simulate applications and add onscreen navigation.
    • Provide users with clickable areas to continue movie, jump to another slide or go to a URL.
    • Use timeline editor to organize the time sequence of those interactive elements.
    • Customize how long the elements appear.

  • Resize the dimension of movie by setting width and height in pixels, and also keep the aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9, 16:10 or custom) automatically.
  • Zoom in/out the scene scale in percentage (from 30% to 200%).
  • Show grids on scene to accurately adjust position of elements.
  • Snap to grid while moving elements.
  • Set the size of grid.
  • Set the background color of your demo
  • Set a start-end effect (no transition, fade in and out, fade in, fade out) of your demo.
  • Set duration of the effect.
  • Set hotkey to end capture
  • Set hotkey to preview the current slide
  • Set playback control bar style
  • Set transparency of control bar.
  • Enter author info to show for end user.
  • Set frame rate of output movie.
  • Set quality of the output movie.
  • Set slide's default duration
  • Set element's default duration
  • Set action (stop, loop, close, go to URL) at the end of demo.
  • Set if you want to hear the snapshot sound while recording.

Flexible Publishing Options
  • Publish as flash movie, SWF, for sharing on web.
  • Publish as LMS (AICC/SCORM) compatible courses.
  • Export as EXE file for burning auto run CDs.
  • Export as email attachment
  • Export a certain frame as an image

System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 with Microsoft DirectX 9 or later version
Available Disk Space: 30MB for program installation, 512MB or above for flash movies
RAM: 128MB for basic, 256MB recommended
Video Card: Windows-compatible display with at least 800dpi x 600dpi resolution.
Sound Card (optional): Windows-compatible sound card. Microphone and speakers are recommended for recording narration.
Flash Player Requirements: Adobe Flash Player 8.0/9.0/10.0 or above (this is necessary for previewing Flash movie).

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